Week 4 Summary

Photography is one of my favorite hobbies so this week was so much fun for me. The only set back I had was having to go home to see my family last minute in the middle of the week which threw off my groove and put me in a bit of a time crunch.

The Movie Posters IRL was the most time consuming out of all the assignments I completed so I was happy I started my week off with it. They are also my favorite thing I created this week.

Movie Posters IRL

I wasn’t a huge fan of the daily creates this week. I did my best to be as creative as possible and learn some new techniques. For the Paperback Paradise post, I watched some online tutorials on creating a gradient background so I could make a seamless cover in which to put my new title. For the tongue twister, instead of just filming myself, I tried two different options. First I tried using an online voice generator to simulate me talking. The only issue was that I couldn’t save the audio and was having issues making it look like the picture of me was talking. There was a site you could use to do this but it kept crashing. So I played around with some online avatars and came up with what you have below! For the shadows post, I found a picture from my travels abroad last semester at the Botanical Garden in Norway. I was feeling extra nostalgic this week so it only seemed fitting.

Daily Creates (7-9)

I loved this assignment almost as much as the Movie Poster GIFs. I wasn’t expecting such good results but I’m pleased with the quality of the picture I made. It was fun tying my character Kaleidoscope into the mix and continuing her becoming a superhero narrative.

Rare Form

Photoblitz was an interesting experience. At first I thought it was kind of a hassle to try and photograph 7 things in 20 minutes while I was sitting in my room. I thought surely I would not be able to accomplish it. But as the time started ticking, I became more competitive with myself and vowed to challenge myself to find all the pictures needed in my apartment. To my surprise, some of the pictures actually turned out to be half decent.


This last assignment turned out to be most difficult and I’m not entirely sure why. I made a simple GIF of Kaleidoscope blending in and out of her background which was quite easy enough. But for some reason I was unable to export it as a GIF and save it in the web format. It kept showing up on my desktop as ‘jpg’ images at first, then finally once I got it to export as a GIF, it wouldn’t upload onto wordpress. I was freaking out for about an hour trying to figure it out when miraculously it decided to load at the last minute..

It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

Rare Form

Last week you guys met Kaleidoscope, the young superhero with color manipulation abilities. After witnessing her father’s local Hawaiian shop getting robbed, Kaleidoscope knew she needed to use her powers to step up even if her parents insisted that she stay as far away from trouble as possible. On the night of her middle school dance, Kaleidoscope rounded up her two best friends Marlene and Violet to help her. They told their parents they were on the way to the dance but instead ended up downtown at a costume store. Kaleidoscope knew that she needed a disguise since the tall man who robbed the store had seen her face. The girls immediately went for the animal masks. This was their new identity.

When making this combo-photo picture, I combined four different images. I chose to make it black and white to show how Kaleidoscope isn’t always colorful. She can make the world void of color as well.

Daily Creates (7-9)

Movie Posters IRL

This was an extremely time consuming process but I loved it so much I just had to make my life more difficult and make several! First of all, having to coordinate a time to meet up with my movie poster “models” was quite possibly the most difficult part of the who thing. Then I decided that I would hand write all of the titles for the movie posters. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my handwriting so each took at least a couple of tries. Next I made a background in photoshop and compiled the images together to make it into a gif. In hindsight I wish I had added more frames so it looked less choppy, although it already took me plenty of time to create the ones I had. I think the my favorite of the three is the 40-Year-Old Virgin movie poster. It’s simplicity is reminiscent of the original poster, and I think I liked my handwriting best for this one.


Week 3 Summary

Ok so I thought last week was challenging…whew! First of all, writing isn’t my favorite thing to do. I don’t mind it but I have a plethora of assignments centered around it I get a little overwhelmed. That being said I’m happy with what I came up with. Remembering to incorporate the superhero theme can be a bit hard at times but it’s fun to get creative with it.

My Daily Creates were kind of an after thought this week. I personally don’t use Twitter anymore so I had to create a new one specifically for this course. Out of the three I think my favorite was the #InternationalDotDay post. I loved reading that book when I was younger and had the perfect color chart in my room to encapsulate what it means to me.

Daily Creates 4-6

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Vonnegut Shape of Stories video. While it came to the assignment I was kind of confused. I wasn’t sure what you meant by apply it to the story you chose, so I decided to make a simple one of my own! Enjoy reading about a sad girl and her avocado toast.

Vonnegut and Avocado Toast

This was a fun assignment for sure! Took me some time to get inspiration to start, then writer’s word vomit kicked in and I made Diamond Flame! I didn’t want to get to descriptive with her missions quite yet because I would love to use her as a platform for future assignments and stories.

Diamond Flame

Reading up on the background of where superheroes were conceived is quite interesting as well. I would love to do more research on the subject. It didn’t occur to me that fictional characters in the past share similar characteristics to what makes a modern-day superhero. Not sure my definition completely encapsulates what a superhero is but I don’t think many people can put their finger on it in a way that covers all the bases.

The Birth of Superheroes

Kaleidoscope is the cutest superhero ever! I loved making this fun, happy, colorful girl who tries to use her powers to cheer people up. I mean who wouldn’t want to hangout with her?!

Meet Kaleidoscope

This was probably my favorite assignment overall this week. Food is my life, as well as Instagram, so this was the perfect way to incorporate some humor into a post. I seriously was getting hungry writing about my pizza so I’d say my descriptions were pretty successful!


This assignment was sweet and to the point and I think my mom will love it. Haven’t decided if I’ll show it to her yet or not…don’t wanna rehash any old arguments because you know it happens 🙂

Dear Mom…


Daily Creates 4-6

Vonnegut and Avocado Toast

My version of a Vonnegut Story:

Girl wants avocado toast.

Girl goes to the store.

Girl looks for avocados.

Avocados are not ripe.

Girl is sad she can’t have avocado toast.

Girl goes home.

Her room mate asks why she’s sad.

Girl says she just wants avocado toast.

Room mate goes into the fridge.

Room mate gives girl her avocado.

Girl makes avocado toast and is happy.

Diamond Flame

Every morning I wake up at the crack of dawn and head downstairs to my laboratory. Sounds more lush than it really is, I just emptied out an old storage room in my basement. Several years back, the Spanish government the university I was attending and contracted me to do some research for them in Barcelona. So, with little to no information about the project, I packed up my belongings and moved to a new city. Now I’ve done an extensive amount of work trying to create an indestructible super-soldier. On the day I was set to run the first trial of the experiment, something went terribly wrong. There was a massive explosion. I was knocked out for what seemed like days, maybe even weeks. Finally Spanish government officials came to check on me since they had heard any updates about the trial experiment. They were shocked at what they saw. The explosion must have affected something in my DNA because my appearance had completely changed. My skin glistened as if it were made of diamonds and my hair was bright orange and hot to the touch. The officials instructed me to go to the hospital and stay for a few nights while they fixed up my laboratory. At the hospital they informed me that I had gained special powers from the explosion. I now had diamond skin (the ability to transform my skin into a layer of diamond which makes me almost indestructible) as well as pyrokinesis (the power to control and manipulate fire). They did a lot of tests on me to figure out how I changed back and forth from normal human to super human but didn’t notice a pattern in any triggers. So now every day it’s a struggle to do my work because I’ll randomly turn into Diamond Flame without any notice. The more it kept happening, the more I would remove myself from my research. I started getting stronger and more in tune with myself. The Spanish government was getting frustrated with my lack of focus and motivation on the indestructible super-soldier project, so they began checking up on me randomly throughout the week. I finally had the courage to ask them why I was crafting this super-soldier. They admitted that they were fighting human trafficking in the south region of the country and wanted something indestructible to help the poor people who were being sold into sex slavery. I immediately had an idea. I suggested that we slow down the project until we came up with the right equations and formulas for the super-soldier so we didn’t have any other explosions, meanwhile using me in it’s place. Between my diamond indestructible skin and pyrokinesis powers, I would be unstoppable. They agreed after some hesitation. This begins my story as Diamond Flame.