Week 12 Summary

This week was filled with a lot of fun assignments. The Daily Creates were fairly quick and easy. I loved incorporating my favorite book into one of them, as well as my Bitmoji. I would not be surprised if a Bitmoji game were actually released soon.

Daily Creates (29-30)

I love incorporating movies and actors into my work. Mia Wallace always has been an idol of my so turning this movie into a remix assignment was quite amusing.

Mustache Mia a Question

This remix assignment made me nostalgic going through old pictures with my friends and reminiscing about the good times this semester.

Remix #1

Here’s another example of using my pop culture interests in my work. Grand Budapest Hotel is one of my all-time favorite movies, thanks to director Wes Anderson. Adventure Time is my favorite kids show, and Marceline happens to be my favorite character.

Marceline the Lobby Girl?

Ready for my closeup

Photo Mash