Dear Mom…

Dear Mom,

Well it’s safe to say that we’ve had a rocky road throughout my childhood. I know I wasn’t the easiest daughter to raise. We couldn’t be more opposite. In high school you were a cheerleader, Homecoming Queen three years in a row, tennis captain. On the other hand, I played basketball and lacrosse, focused on my art and liked to party. We never saw eye to eye. You always tried to dress me in Lilly Pulitzer and Ralph Lauren. I just wanted to wear ripped jeans and baggy t-shirts. You like watching chick flicks and reality TV. I prefer murder mysteries and science fiction. These are just a few of the things that set us apart. Back then it seemed impossible, if not inevitable, that we would grow more irritable towards each other as the years went on. And for awhile it did! I’ve done a lot of growing up since I started college. I’m not saying that I’m anywhere near being fully mature, but I’ve learned a lot including to appreciate all that you’ve done for me over the past 21 years. After I was born, you quit your job to stay at home and take care of me. When you had three more boys you sacrificed your career to do the same for them. Because of this you were always around to make us dinner, do our laundry, bring our lunch to school if we forgot it at home, pick us up if we were feeling sick, and many other little things that I can’t thank you enough for. Even now you still find ways to help out. You helped me get an internship with the PGA, you help edit my papers, Face time me when I’m feeling sad, and driving down to school to take me out to lunch. I’m so happy that we’re getting closer each day and can accept each others differences.

Love you more than you know.

2 thoughts on “Dear Mom…

  1. I’m sure she knows. It’s funny how it goes with parents isn’t it? When you’re little they are your whole world, then you become more independent and suddenly start rolling your eyes and go “whatever” when they try to give you advice, you almost resent them for trying to help you. Then comes the next stage when you start realizing how much they’ve been there for you and you can’t imagine being without them. I think it’s just a part of growing up. Beautifully written though!

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