Balance: In this picture, the placement of the three objects is balanced across the composition with one in the forefront and the two smaller ones in the distance.

The Avocado Show

Rhythm: The repetition of the oranges creates a rhythm throughout the composition that would have been lost otherwise if there were other pieces of fruit incorporated into the baskets.

Borough Market

Color: The vibrance of hues is eye-catching to the viewer.


Dominance: There are a lot of interesting parts to this picture, but the pizza serves as the main focal point and dominates the page.


One thought on “DesignBlitz

  1. I think you did a really great job pointing out and describing the different principles of design in your photos! Your photos are also really amazing! I think my favorite one is the color one because of how vibrant it is and let’s face it, we all wish we could go on vacation right about now.

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