Diamond Flame

Every morning I wake up at the crack of dawn and head downstairs to my laboratory. Sounds more lush than it really is, I just emptied out an old storage room in my basement. Several years back, the Spanish government the university I was attending and contracted me to do some research for them in Barcelona. So, with little to no information about the project, I packed up my belongings and moved to a new city. Now I’ve done an extensive amount of work trying to create an indestructible super-soldier. On the day I was set to run the first trial of the experiment, something went terribly wrong. There was a massive explosion. I was knocked out for what seemed like days, maybe even weeks. Finally Spanish government officials came to check on me since they had heard any updates about the trial experiment. They were shocked at what they saw. The explosion must have affected something in my DNA because my appearance had completely changed. My skin glistened as if it were made of diamonds and my hair was bright orange and hot to the touch. The officials instructed me to go to the hospital and stay for a few nights while they fixed up my laboratory. At the hospital they informed me that I had gained special powers from the explosion. I now had diamond skin (the ability to transform my skin into a layer of diamond which makes me almost indestructible) as well as pyrokinesis (the power to control and manipulate fire). They did a lot of tests on me to figure out how I changed back and forth from normal human to super human but didn’t notice a pattern in any triggers. So now every day it’s a struggle to do my work because I’ll randomly turn into Diamond Flame without any notice. The more it kept happening, the more I would remove myself from my research. I started getting stronger and more in tune with myself. The Spanish government was getting frustrated with my lack of focus and motivation on the indestructible super-soldier project, so they began checking up on me randomly throughout the week. I finally had the courage to ask them why I was crafting this super-soldier. They admitted that they were fighting human trafficking in the south region of the country and wanted something indestructible to help the poor people who were being sold into sex slavery. I immediately had an idea. I suggested that we slow down the project until we came up with the right equations and formulas for the super-soldier so we didn’t have any other explosions, meanwhile using me in it’s place. Between my diamond indestructible skin and pyrokinesis powers, I would be unstoppable. They agreed after some hesitation. This begins my story as Diamond Flame.

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