Meet Kaleidoscope

On the bright and sunny island of Maui, Hawaii lives your new favorite super hero. Kaleidoscope is a 13-year-old girl whose rainbow-colored hair isn’t the only thing that attracts her peers attention. She can control the entire electromagnetic spectrum with her chromokinesis powers. This entails manipulation, embodiment and generation of color. Kaleidoscope’s powers were apparent since the day she was born. When her parents first held her up, she already had streaks of rainbow in her hair. Everything Kaleidoscope touched changed color and sometimes she adapted to the color of her surroundings as well. Everyone working at the hospital were worried, except for her parents. They were ecstatic to have a strange yet wonderful daughter. On the drive home, they saw seven rainbows. Over the next few years, Kaleidoscope learned all about her powers as well as her limits. She got in trouble several times at school for abusing her powers and was made fun of for being so different. But Kaleidoscope was the happiest kid you could ever meet and never got angry with any of her classmates for giving her trouble. The only time she ever felt down and in a bad mood was on rainy days. Sometimes she wouldn’t even be able to make it to school. Kaleidoscope’s hair would turn white and her skin would look several shades paler than normal. Most of the time her chromokinesis powers wouldn’t even work. Even on cloudy days she had some difficulty staying in tune with her powers. Her parents decided that it would be best for Kaleidoscope to be home-schooled and work on strengthening her skills. So Kaleidoscope began spending a lot of time in town at the children’s hospital trying to cheer up the sick by showing them her cool color abilities. Every day on the way to the hospital she would stop by the local convenience shop that her father owned. She would pick up a small bag of marshmallows and a pink lemonade and carry on her way. One morning Kaleidoscope was nearing the shop and saw a tall man dressed in all black robbing her father. This angered her, a feeling she had never felt before. Kaleidoscope approached them both in a rage, fists clenched and ears ringing. She began to scream and all of a sudden, two intense streams of light shot out of her eyes nearly missing the man in black. Her father and the man both hesitated in their struggle to glance over at Kaleidoscope. She was shocked at what she had done, but pulled herself together when she noticed the man in black sprinting away. Kaleidoscope threw her hands up into the sky and light began to accumulate in her hands and used this energy to stop the man in his tracks. This exact moment was the inception of her crime fighting days.

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