Week 4 Summary

Photography is one of my favorite hobbies so this week was so much fun for me. The only set back I had was having to go home to see my family last minute in the middle of the week which threw off my groove and put me in a bit of a time crunch.

The Movie Posters IRL was the most time consuming out of all the assignments I completed so I was happy I started my week off with it. They are also my favorite thing I created this week.

Movie Posters IRL

I wasn’t a huge fan of the daily creates this week. I did my best to be as creative as possible and learn some new techniques. For the Paperback Paradise post, I watched some online tutorials on creating a gradient background so I could make a seamless cover in which to put my new title. For the tongue twister, instead of just filming myself, I tried two different options. First I tried using an online voice generator to simulate me talking. The only issue was that I couldn’t save the audio and was having issues making it look like the picture of me was talking. There was a site you could use to do this but it kept crashing. So I played around with some online avatars and came up with what you have below! For the shadows post, I found a picture from my travels abroad last semester at the Botanical Garden in Norway. I was feeling extra nostalgic this week so it only seemed fitting.

Daily Creates (7-9)

I loved this assignment almost as much as the Movie Poster GIFs. I wasn’t expecting such good results but I’m pleased with the quality of the picture I made. It was fun tying my character Kaleidoscope into the mix and continuing her becoming a superhero narrative.

Rare Form

Photoblitz was an interesting experience. At first I thought it was kind of a hassle to try and photograph 7 things in 20 minutes while I was sitting in my room. I thought surely I would not be able to accomplish it. But as the time started ticking, I became more competitive with myself and vowed to challenge myself to find all the pictures needed in my apartment. To my surprise, some of the pictures actually turned out to be half decent.


This last assignment turned out to be most difficult and I’m not entirely sure why. I made a simple GIF of Kaleidoscope blending in and out of her background which was quite easy enough. But for some reason I was unable to export it as a GIF and save it in the web format. It kept showing up on my desktop as ‘jpg’ images at first, then finally once I got it to export as a GIF, it wouldn’t upload onto wordpress. I was freaking out for about an hour trying to figure it out when miraculously it decided to load at the last minute..

It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

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