Motel of Mysteries

We’ve been excavating this dry earth for quite some time now. Days, weeks, has it been more than a month? Thankfully progress has been made and just this morning we discovered a burial chamber from the ancient civilization of Usa. Being of small stature, my excavation leader instructed me to go check it out first. The walls are very hard, almost concrete like, and covered in strange patterns that are peeling off towards me. Most of the room is still unaccessible from the layers of dirt, but in one corner something catches my eye. It looks like a chair made of pillows, very large pillows. It must be for many people or one very large person because I’ve never seen a chair that long before. I mean it is pretty comfortable… I need to rest my legs for a bit anyways and would much rather be in here than under that blazing sun. I readjust my position to get settled in, but I feel something hard under the pillow. I reach my hand under all of the pillow seats and, to my surprise, pull out a solid black object. Holding it out in front of me I couldn’t even begin to describe it’s irregular shape to you. I had never seen anything like it! It’s covered in soft buttons that come in a multitude of colors. Some have numbers and letters and others have very odd symbols on them. I’m baffled so I look in the pillow seat for more clues as to what this could be! Reaching back under the seats, I find another object. This one is more familiar to me. It’s like a pamphlet, yellowed and torn at the edges, with similar inscriptions on the paper as the one as the foreign black object with lots of soft buttons. Hmm… what have I discovered? You know what… I think this I a secret map and code that the ancient Usans used to hide their treasure! This was definitely hidden in this pillow seat purposefully so we wouldn’t be able to find it! The arrows on the object must show the directions in which the treasures are hidden. The numbers must be for passwords to get into the treasure chests or maybe other tombs where it’s hidden! The colorful buttons look like gems, maybe the object is showing what is hidden in the treasure chests! I have to go show this to my supervisor we’ve struck gold!!!

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