Lava Springs

Lava Springs is the perfect destination for any traveler! Between the adventurous snorkeling trips and relaxing spa heated by the surrounding lava, you will find yourself living your best life.

I originally was just going to use the snorkeling picture that I took on my family vacation to Grand Cayman for the destination postcard, but decided I needed to spice it up a bit. I incorporated the picture of flowing lava that I found online to make it look like they were swimming in the lava. I also had to add my own personal touch and use my own handwriting for the postcard.

Week 5 Summary

This week was just as challenging as I thought. I had a very difficult time with audio assignments. Although, it was very eye opening. My favorite was assignment was the Radio Tweet Along. It never crossed my mind how significant sound could be in storytelling. I liked how I could see what the rest of my classmates were tweeting about the radio show while it was happening.

Radio Tweet Along

This blog post was also quite interesting because of the examples that I found. Watching clips of movies with/without sound, as well as clips that had entirely different sounds could completely change the mood of an entire movie or scene.

Audio Storytelling

The daily creates this week were fun! My least favorite was the biggest fears assignment… I think the drawing of the lizard losing teeth freaked me out more than my actual fears themselves…

Daily Creates (10-12)

I’m quite excited for the ds106 Radio Show. I thought I would have a hard time at first coming up with ideas on what to do, but when I started thinking in the realm of superheroes the ideas just started flowing.

Radio Show Brainstorm


Radio Tweet Along

I had no idea what to expect when we were tasked with the #ds106 Radio Tweet Along. Would we be listening to music? Would it be related to superheroes? When I first joined the channel I was kind of surprised to hear our professor speaking. I don’t know why but I thought it would just be some random podcast or something that had been prerecorded. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that we would be listening to an actual show.

The sound definitely carried this Charles Bradley story. Not just the dialogue, but all the secondary audio and music really set the mood for this show. Without having any visuals, you really had to pay attention to what was going on in the audio. When there was a change in music, that generally signified a scene change. Even the simplest of sounds can give you more information than you’d think. Especially the part of the show while they were in a bar/nightclub. There was a steady stream of conversation that was from a large group of people as well as live music. But the factor that really gave away the location was the subtle clinking of glasses.



Radio Show Brainstorm

Idea dump:

  • Superhero Series Comparison: Discuss the evolution of a certain superhero series (movies, tv shows, etc). Possible topics- differences in actors, directors, cinematography, script, costume changes etc. (Definitely most interested in this idea)
  • Local “superheroes”: Talk about real life stories of people in the Fredericksburg/UMW community of people doing good deeds
  • Superhero Forum: Talk on the identity of the superhero you created. The host of the show interviews the various superhero characters asking about their personal life, circumstances where they helped people, etc.

Audio Storytelling

Sound is a very powerful element in storytelling. It gives you a subliminal context to several aspects of a story such as location and sense of space. For example, if a scene were taking place outside you would either need a visual to put the scene there or audio (such as crickets or running water or wind) to give you those subtle clues, especially when there’s no visual present. Listening to ‘Moon Graffiti’ was a great way to see this in action. Between the heavy breathing of the astronauts through their masks and beeping noises from the equipment provide no doubt about where you are (Outer space duh).The dialogue between the astronauts would have been much less effective without the audio sensory details included into the podcast.

Audio can also set the mood/tone of a story. Think of horror movies! Have you ever watched one without any of the background music or sounds? It becomes significantly less scary. I know personally that the scariest part of horror movies is the audio. I constantly block out the sounds so I can watch them without my heart stopping at all the pop-out scenes. Here’s an example of the shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” (with and without the music).

Even changing the structure of a movie with different dialogue and soundtrack can make a profound difference. For those of you who have seen Silence of the Lambs, you know how eerie and disturbing the story is. Watching the ‘Romantic Comedy’ remix is probably the most eye opening example I could find in regard to the profound effect of audio storytelling.

I’m excited to start creating all of the audio assignments for the week. Audio is something I have rarely worked with so I’m anticipating a challenging week ahead. Let’s hope for the best!


Daily Creates (10-12)

Week 4 Summary

Photography is one of my favorite hobbies so this week was so much fun for me. The only set back I had was having to go home to see my family last minute in the middle of the week which threw off my groove and put me in a bit of a time crunch.

The Movie Posters IRL was the most time consuming out of all the assignments I completed so I was happy I started my week off with it. They are also my favorite thing I created this week.

Movie Posters IRL

I wasn’t a huge fan of the daily creates this week. I did my best to be as creative as possible and learn some new techniques. For the Paperback Paradise post, I watched some online tutorials on creating a gradient background so I could make a seamless cover in which to put my new title. For the tongue twister, instead of just filming myself, I tried two different options. First I tried using an online voice generator to simulate me talking. The only issue was that I couldn’t save the audio and was having issues making it look like the picture of me was talking. There was a site you could use to do this but it kept crashing. So I played around with some online avatars and came up with what you have below! For the shadows post, I found a picture from my travels abroad last semester at the Botanical Garden in Norway. I was feeling extra nostalgic this week so it only seemed fitting.

Daily Creates (7-9)

I loved this assignment almost as much as the Movie Poster GIFs. I wasn’t expecting such good results but I’m pleased with the quality of the picture I made. It was fun tying my character Kaleidoscope into the mix and continuing her becoming a superhero narrative.

Rare Form

Photoblitz was an interesting experience. At first I thought it was kind of a hassle to try and photograph 7 things in 20 minutes while I was sitting in my room. I thought surely I would not be able to accomplish it. But as the time started ticking, I became more competitive with myself and vowed to challenge myself to find all the pictures needed in my apartment. To my surprise, some of the pictures actually turned out to be half decent.


This last assignment turned out to be most difficult and I’m not entirely sure why. I made a simple GIF of Kaleidoscope blending in and out of her background which was quite easy enough. But for some reason I was unable to export it as a GIF and save it in the web format. It kept showing up on my desktop as ‘jpg’ images at first, then finally once I got it to export as a GIF, it wouldn’t upload onto wordpress. I was freaking out for about an hour trying to figure it out when miraculously it decided to load at the last minute..

It’s a bird! It’s a plane!