Daily Creates (21-23)

Marsha was in art class, sketching out ideas for her next tattoo. A small, simple daffodil was always an interest of hers and she wanted to draw out her own tattoos. The more she drew, the more frustrated she got. Marsha got so frustrated that she left the classroom in tears, bolting for the girls bathroom on the second floor. As she was crying she looked up onto the stalls and saw a single post-it note on the wall: “You got this! #mondaymotivation”. Marsha muttered under her breath “huh how cheesy.” Yet it still put a smile on her face. Brushing off her tears, Marsha pulled her bushy hair back into a low ponytail and left the bathroom, humming to the tune of “Hey, What’s Going On!”. Her friends were around the corner and heard Marsha singing the song. They peeped out from behind the wall and got a video of her to upload to snapchat. Marsha was in a much better mood by the time she got back to her art class. As she sat back down, the only thing running through her mind was “You got this. Draw that tattoo. You got this.” Marsha set to work and with several minutes to spare before the end of class, she had finally completed her daffodil drawing. Great success!

Daily Creates (16-18)


Balance: In this picture, the placement of the three objects is balanced across the composition with one in the forefront and the two smaller ones in the distance.

The Avocado Show

Rhythm: The repetition of the oranges creates a rhythm throughout the composition that would have been lost otherwise if there were other pieces of fruit incorporated into the baskets.

Borough Market

Color: The vibrance of hues is eye-catching to the viewer.


Dominance: There are a lot of interesting parts to this picture, but the pizza serves as the main focal point and dominates the page.


Oh, fuck it.

One of my favorite movies of all time is Grand Budapest Hotel, directed by Wes Anderson. The characters M. Gustav H and Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy, have a quirky yet endearing relationship in the film. The awkward, crass, and dry humor peaks through especially in their use of language and dialogue. I chose to make this image because this quote is my favorite because it encapsulates everything M. Gustav stands for. He is a serious, jittery, yet highly intellectual man who gets worked up quite easily, only to say “oh, fuck it” and move on.