Daily Creates (7-9)

Movie Posters IRL

This was an extremely time consuming process but I loved it so much I just had to make my life more difficult and make several! First of all, having to coordinate a time to meet up with my movie poster “models” was quite possibly the most difficult part of the who thing. Then I decided that I would hand write all of the titles for the movie posters. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my handwriting so each took at least a couple of tries. Next I made a background in photoshop and compiled the images together to make it into a gif. In hindsight I wish I had added more frames so it looked less choppy, although it already took me plenty of time to create the ones I had. I think the my favorite of the three is the 40-Year-Old Virgin movie poster. It’s simplicity is reminiscent of the original poster, and I think I liked my handwriting best for this one.


Daily Creates 4-6


I’m very much so a food-e and, like many others in my generation, love to post pictures of what I eat! With Instagram down how will I ever share my meals with my followers?! I guess I’m going to have to resort to *gasp* actually using words to describe the taste on my lips and the smell wafting through my apartment. The more I think about it, this may be an even more efficient way of getting across my message about the mouth-watering pizza I ate for dinner. It’s no secret that pizza is my favorite food. I would eat it every day if I could, but it’s still at least several times a week so I can’t complain. Yesterday I went grocery shopping at Aldi for the first time. I was in shock at how cheap everything was and all the new product I had never seen on the shelves of our local Giant. I stocked up for the week and just as I was about to near the check-out line, I saw the most beautiful thing. A large, family sized pizza sat right in front of me with a whopping price tag marked $5! This pizza was huge y’all and you best believe that I brought two home with me. Figuring that I probably couldn’t eat the whole thing by myself, seeing the box wouldn’t fit in our freezer, I invited several friends over for dinner. Looking down at my plate, I see a massive cheesy triangle almost spilling over the edges. The bottom of the crust feels slightly like sandpaper (meaning that in the best way possible). Thin, crispy and hot to the touch. The cheese is perfectly melted over the bright red tomato sauce, with flecks of herbs dotted across the surface. We decided to get a little fancy and add some of our own toppings to this otherwise plain pizza. Shredded gouda cheese was melted on top and a hefty amount of BBQ was spiraled around the center. Before taking a bite, as the pizza neared my face I caught a whiff of it’s beautifully pungent scent.¬†Are you salivating yet? I know I am. Once it entered my mouth and made contact with my taste buds, there was a moment of blissful silence. The creamy gouda, sharp salty cheese, slightly sweet yet rustic tomato sauce and of course the punchy tangy BBQ sauce was all too overwhelming. I’m making myself hungry so I’m going to stop writing this blog post and go finish those leftovers. (Still wish I could have just posted a pic on Instagram).

Daily Create (1-3)


Incorporating hand-drawn elements into digital art is one of my favorite uses of media. So it’s not a surprise that this assignment caught my eye (no pun intended). Eyes tend to be clich√© in the art world, but their natural movement drew me in. I wanted to chose something that’s fluid movement easily translate into a GIF. The process was quite the tedious one- I spent more than enough time trying to line up the center of the eye in the same exact spot on each post-it note (30 to be exact). I was worried that if any were unaligned even the slightest bit that I would lose the smooth effect of a blinking eyelid. Drawing out each individual frame was absolutely the hardest part as well as re-familiarizing myself with photoshop. I played around with a few settings and luckily stumbled upon the loop effect which greatly enhanced this GIF.


Ever heard of chromokinesis? Think manipulation, embodiment and generation of color. Users of chromokinesis create visual sensations through controlling light wavelengths. Picture Lady Rainicorn and Abracadaniel (for all you Adventure Time super fans), both characters who possess photo-kinetic abilities.

My name is Ashley Edwards. I’m in my fourth year at Mary Washington, majoring in Communications and Digital Studies. I like to believe that chromokinesis is my modern-day super power. No, I can’t shoot rainbows out of my eyes or make the world void of color. My chromokinesis abilities are showcased through various aspects of the digital world, including my art, photography, videography and anything else I can get my hands.

To introduce myself this week I made the GIF above. I wanted to showcase my abilities in digital media, while incorporating the first thread of my colorful theme into my work for the semester. This GIF is made up of multiple pictures that I drew the word ‘HI’ on in various colors and spliced them together in photoshop. My goal in this course is to explore and experiment with color manipulation in all of my upcoming projects. I’ve had a lot of experience with digital art and media, but think this course will enhance my skill set and push me to reach way outside of the box. The relationship between superheroes with chromokinesis powers and my own personal abilities will hopefully be a much needed learning and growth opportunity. (Jury’s still out on my superhero name- currently taking suggestions).