Oh, fuck it.

One of my favorite movies of all time is Grand Budapest Hotel, directed by Wes Anderson. The characters M. Gustav H and Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy, have a quirky yet endearing relationship in the film. The awkward, crass, and dry humor peaks through especially in their use of language and dialogue. I chose to make this image because this quote is my favorite because it encapsulates everything M. Gustav stands for. He is a serious, jittery, yet highly intellectual man who gets worked up quite easily, only to say “oh, fuck it” and move on.

Kaleidoscope Prototype

First ever picture of Kaleidoscope! She always rocks her white Go-Go boots, pink dresses, and colorful locks. Depending on her mood, Kaleidoscope changes her hair color. It’s natural color is shown above, including a few different shades of pink. All of her clothes are made with special technology that allow them to change colors with her body. Although she can also use her own powers to change them herself, especially when trying to blend into her surroundings.

Lava Springs

Lava Springs is the perfect destination for any traveler! Between the adventurous snorkeling trips and relaxing spa heated by the surrounding lava, you will find yourself living your best life.

I originally was just going to use the snorkeling picture that I took on my family vacation to Grand Cayman for the destination postcard, but decided I needed to spice it up a bit. I incorporated the picture of flowing lava that I found online to make it look like they were swimming in the lava. I also had to add my own personal touch and use my own handwriting for the postcard.