Up close and personal

This one is kinda tricky. I wanted to find something challenging but also an object that had significance to me. I was sitting at my desk in my apartment and noticed something had fallen behind so I reached down and pulled out this flower! It had been made of palm leaves twisted into it’s floral-like shape and secured with a rubber band. Honestly I don’t remember how long ago this came into my possession but it had to be at least 10 to 12 years ago. My family and I were staying in Charleston, South Carolina. Near the waterfront there was an outdoor market where people were selling various homemade goods. Although the hot item being sold were hand-woven baskets! Women lined the streets waiting patiently for someone to approach their table all the while weaving their incredibly intricate baskets. I wanted one so badly! So my parents let me approach one lady to ask how much a basket would cost. I pointed out the smallest basket I saw near her feet, no bigger than my head. “$400”. Quickly I ran back to my parents. No baskets for us today. We continued to walk along the waterfront and back up into the city streets. Just as we were nearing our hotel, I saw a little boy out of the corner of my eye. He sat under an awning in front of some local shop with a basket of palm leave flowers next to him! I was so excited I ran up and asked how much, hoping they would be significantly less than the baskets. He stuck out his hand, placed the flower in my palm and shook his head. I felt bad that he wouldn’t accept any money but was way too excited about my new flower. It must of had an impact on me because all these years later I’ve still held onto it.