Rare Form

Last week you guys met Kaleidoscope, the young superhero with color manipulation abilities. After witnessing her father’s local Hawaiian shop getting robbed, Kaleidoscope knew she needed to use her powers to step up even if her parents insisted that she stay as far away from trouble as possible. On the night of her middle school dance, Kaleidoscope rounded up her two best friends Marlene and Violet to help her. They told their parents they were on the way to the dance but instead ended up downtown at a costume store. Kaleidoscope knew that she needed a disguise since the tall man who robbed the store had seen her face. The girls immediately went for the animal masks. This was their new identity.

When making this combo-photo picture, I combined four different images. I chose to make it black and white to show how Kaleidoscope isn’t always colorful. She can make the world void of color as well.